Nurse Daddy


Last night we decided to take a walk downtown, but we never made it. As we were making our way out of the driveway, we ran into our neighbors from a few streets over that were out taking a walk too. They were headed to our new neighbors house down the street, so we decided to walk over with them an introduce ourselves and welcome them into the neighborhood.

We chatted for a good half hour and then you had to use the restroom. You and I went running back down the street to our house to go potty. As we got halfway there, you tripped on the side walk and fell flat on your face. Fortunately your hand caught your face from hitting the pavement, but you scraped your knee and elbow. Daddy heard you crying, and came running down the side walk. He scooped you up, and headed for our bathroom to fix you up. The only bandaids we had in the cabinet weren’t big enough for your scrapes, so daddy decided we should all get in the car and head to Walgreens.

When we got there we picked up larger bandaids, and special smaller Princess and Froggy bandaids, because that’s what you wanted. Daddy also felt an ice cream sundae might be a good pain reliever, so he placed Breyer’s Vanilla Bean ice cream, spanish peanuts, and hot fudge in our cart as well. Yes, you felt it would be a good pain reliever too, and I was definitely in agreement. When we arrived home daddy covered your scrapes with neosporin, and bandaged you up. Then he made us delicious hot fudge sundaes. We sat at the table enjoying our treats, and it definitely made you feel much better!

Daddy loves you so much, and always knows how to fix a boo boo.



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