Blankie A.K.A. Boodie

Dear Sophie J.,

You have had your blankie, which you call boodie, for almost 2.5 years now, since the day you were born. You and blankie are inseparable. When you were a baby, we wrapped you in it. Then as you grew, blankie stayed with you. You slept with it clutched in your little hand, while the two middle fingers of you other hand were in your mouth. Blankie comforts you and helps you fall asleep. I used to sleep with a blankie too and suck the same two fingers when I was little like you.


Boodie used to be much cleaner with bright pink stripes. But, after two years of love, the stripes have faded, and boodie is very thin.

On Sunday, we took a family bike ride. You sat behind me in your little kiddie seat, with your blankie clutched tightly as you took in the scenery. Near the end of our trip, part of boodie dropped down into my bike wheel spoke. It became covered in black tire grease. You were very upset, and the whole way home you wanted nothing to do with boodie. Sara kept trying to hand it to you, but you would respond by saying, ” No boodie. Yuck. Uh oh.”

So, daddy and I thought that perhaps we’d try a new blankie for betime. You did well going to bed and didn’t ask for boodie. We thought you’d be o.k. without it. Then an hour later, I walked up stairs to your room to check on you, and you were wide awake. As soon as your eyes caught mine, you burst into tears. I scooped you up and carried you downstairs to show you boodie, which was being washed in the washing machine. We quickly threw it in the dryer while I tried to calm you down. I rocked you for 15 minutes while we stared at the dryer. I loved every single moment of our cuddle time together.

Then you asked for Daddy, and sat and cuddled with him for another 15 minutes.

The next day, Daddy promised to stitch the whole in boodie after he got home from work. Daddy had to work late, and when he got home you were already in bed. But, Daddy sticks to his word, so he snatched you and boodie from your bed, and carried you downstairs so that you could watch him mend boodie.


Daddy love you very much. You love your blankie and I love you!