Loving This Weather

Sara and Sophia


The weather is perfect. For the first time in a long time (or at least it seems like a long time for a Floridian), we got to spend the weekend outdoors minus sweaters and jeans. I’ve gotten so used to bundling the girls and I keep thinking it’s going to be cold outside. Not this weekend. On Saturday afternoon, Doug had band rehearsal, so the girls and I headed to the park for a morning of play and a picnic. Then after nap, we walked downtown with Daddy for Starbuck’s treats.

On Sunday, it was nice to see the girls in their colorful spring dresses. No more winter clothing.

After church and an afternoon nap, we decided that we must spend some more time outdoors. So we loaded our bikes onto the back of the car and drove to the Upper Tampa Bay Trail. We biked 12 miles, and I was feeling it.

I love this weather and being outdoors. Now it’s time to pack away the blacks and grays in my closet and bring out the whites, purples and greens.

Oh, and I forgot to brag about my neighbor Will, who made these delicious chocolate and cherry cake balls. They’re delicious and easy to make. I’ll post the recipe someday.

Chocolate and cherry cake balls

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