Letters to Dad

SaraWhile Daddy is away Sara likes to send him e-mails. I let her press the keys and it takes a loooooooong time, but she loves it. Then I tell her she can type really fast and she likes that too. Yesterday she sent him this letter:


I love you. thank you for bringing hot chocolate. I miss you. its almost my birthday. One day can you take me to the zoo?


Sara’s fast typing :


Today she sent him this letter:

i love you so much that I even want to give you a kiss on the computer (meaning when she sees him through ichat). I want to have a Cinderella birthday. I’m so proud of you. today i made a sunflower. Sara

Letters to Daddy from September 2009:

September 16, 2009


I miss you. I can’t wait for you to come home. Can you take me to the zoo sometime? It’s raining real hard, and I love you daddy. I hope you come back home real soon. Have you ever seen a rainbow? I miss you. I’m vert exciting to see you. I hope your eye is feeling really better. I miss you! Don’t you want to go to a special park you have never been to? I hope it doesn’t rain. Guess what dady we went for a picnic. We had a picnic at the Gazebo. I hope you come home safely. I love you daddy. I gave you a kiss (Sara blows a kiss to the computer). I love you daddy. One more thing, let me think about it real quick. Can you take me to the store to buy me an umbrella? Thank you! Nothing else to say. Bye!


Sara’s fast typing:

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September 17, 2009

I love you Daddy. Can’t wait to see you. Sophie was crying and she had a bad attitude today. I know my letters now. Guess what daddy I get to go to school tomorrow and make apple pie. Love you daddy! Bye!- Sara

September 19, 2009

I love you daddy! I’m so exciting your coming home in 1 day! I don’t like it daddy (apple pie) I took a good look at it, and i had one bight, but its just that i didn’t want to eat it. I’m going to Hannah’s birthday today. Mommy hates her phone daddy, but I told her to be thankful, really thankful. How are your plants dad? I was trying to call mommy because the fan wasn’t working. I’m going to take you somewhere special daddy. I hope you answer your e-mail tonight. Tell your friends I said hi, i love you daddy. Here’s a kiss (blow’s kiss at screen.) I love you! Bye!- Sara