Lazy Saturday

Sara and Sophie

Our lazy Saturday consisted of:

– Webber Saturday morning  Starbuck’s which Sara and Doug ran to pick up for us. They came home with Carmel Macchiato for momma, Americano for daddy, hot chocolate for Sara and chocolate milk for Sophie.

-the girls viewing the movie Snow Buddies again.

-a game of memory between momma and Sara. Sara won.

– an afternoon to myself shopping at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Tuesday Morning. I came home with nothing, but still had fun.

– evening at Target as a family. Yes, it’s more than just a place to shop, it’s also a place to visit. The girls had Pizza Hut pizza for dinner, then we walked around looking at stuff we don’t need but really want. I loved looking at all of the new Easter decor. I can’t wait for spring.

– Back home for another round of the  memory game with Sara. I won this time.

– bath and bed for the girls.

– Pulled pork roast, black beans and rice, plantains, tostones and a beer for dinner by the fireplace with my sweetheart.

I need more Saturdays like this one! Great lazy Saturday!

Sara and Sophie
Sara and Sophie

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