In Sickness and In Health

imagesA few people asked what Doug and I did for Valentines day this year. Usually we stay in and Doug cooks me a nice dinner by a fire either indoors or outdoors, and I do a few “nice” things for him too. It’s not much different than what we do on a nightly basis, but we just allow ourselves to spend a little more on the food.

Last Sunday, Valentines Day, Doug was sick and the day before I was in bed sick. So the question you ask is, “did we celebrate Valentines Day”? Yes, we just expressed our love a little differently this year. Friday night I was feeling tired and sore. When Doug got home he went straight upstairs to the bathroom and started a warm bath for me. He lit candles, dimmed the lights, and set up his laptop on the toilet so that I could catch up on an episode of 24 that I had missed. He got the girls ready for bed and tucked in while I relaxed. While I was relaxing he went out to get us dinner and a movie. I felt so much better after that relaxing bath.

The next day I woke up even more sick and spent the day in bed. Everytime I tried to get up, Doug insisted I go back to our room. He set me up with books and his laptop for times that I got a little restless. He cleaned the house, took care of our girls, and took extra special care of me. It was hard for me to hear Sara and Sophie outside my door having fun on a Saturday while I was sick, but I needed it. That night I started feeling much better and ventured out of our room to watch a movie with Doug.

Sunday came and Doug woke up feeling horrible. He spent the day in bed while I sanitized the house, ran to the store for meds and pepsi, and took care of the girls. Later the girls and I went to my grandfather’s 80th birthday party. I thought getting the girls out of the house would do him some good because it would be a little quieter. When we got home Sophie’s cold had gotten worse and she had been coughing and crying a lot. So, I took her to Urgent Care to make sure she was o.k. She was diagnosed with croup and given a steroid. Meanwhile Doug and Sara cuddled in bed and watched a movie. They had  a great time being together. Once Sophie and I got home I made Matzo Ball soup. That makes everyone in the Webber house feel better. That night as I  was putting Sara to bed she kept saying she wanted daddy and that she missed him and had so much fun being with him as they watched their movie. She was very emotional and I knew that her time with daddy had been very special. At that moment I realized that even though we had all been sick for Valentines Day, we each had our turn taking care of one another. We expressed our love through serving and caring out of a loving and concerned heart to see the ones we love get better.

Then Doug and I ended our weekend watching Desperate housewives! Happy Valentines.

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