Why I Write


A few years back I started a family page/blog through Mac’s iWeb and did a pretty decent job of updating my friends and family of our status through pictures. I neglected our family blog when I discovered FB, and almost all of my friends and family joined as well. However, there are a few of my close friends and family that are not on FB, so I have decided to restart this blog. I also like the thought of blogging.. more for my own purposes. I think it will wonderful for the girls to hear my thoughts and detailed descriptions about how they grew up, and what family vacations, school days, holidays etc. were like when these days are only a distant memory in their minds. I want them to look back on their childhood and laugh, reminisce, and talk about all the fun they had as they look back through the photo’s and writings from their childhood. Someday I would like to have this blog made into  books (great Christmas gift idea Doug) for each girl, to give to them on their wedding day or when they leave home.   Recently my two sisters and I  worked on a huge project for my parents. We gathered all of their love letters from when they were dating and their wedding pictures and plans and put everything into one large hope chest. We surprised them with it on Christmas Day 2008. Then this past year, we gathered all of the family photos of me and my 3 siblings throughout the years, that were stored in a bunch of dusty containers in the attic, and arranged them chronologically into photo albums for  Christmas of  2009. I have to say, it was a lot of work, but so much fun too. My sisters and I spent hours laughing, crying, and reminiscing over our childhood as we arranged this gift for my parents, and that is how this idea came about. That is why I write. I don’t want my girls to forget about their childhood. I don’t want to forget about these days either. I want us to have a place to go to remember these days, and yes a bin full of photos is nice, but I like this idea better. All the memories in one place and they can hear the stories behind the photo’s as well. There have been many moments in my life when I’ve said to myself, “I never want to forget the cute thing Sara just said or did right now”, or “I never want to forget this day that Sophie turned 4”. Now I won’t, because of the special home (right here) I’ve created for the memories and moments we, the Webber family, have made together throughout the years. I hope my girls will visit often and never forget the fun we had together. I love you Doug, Sara and Sophia!

an old memory with my siblings, from left to right: Emily, Me, Crystal and Luke (my twin)

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